Doosan Engine secures “Most Preferred Marine Engine Brand of the Year” for the third consecutive year.

The engine brand which is distributed in the Maldives by VAMCO is being used in more than 400 vessels across the country. VAMCO also received the Boat Equipment Supplier of the Year Award at the Boating Awards ceremony.

According to VAMCO, the Doosan Engine is cheaper, has longer durability and higher fuel efficiency compared to most products available in the market. Over a short span of time, the engine has gained the confidence of boat captains, owners and builders for their Light, medium and heavy-duty Doosan engines with horsepower between 160 to 1200 are available.

After-sales service and repair works are also offered by VAMCO service centre. Apart from marine engines, VAMCO also supplies several other boating and marine equipment.