Amãna Takaful

Across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a transformational shift in the ways in which we work and how we connect with each other. Despite all the challenges we made headways maneuvering through our strategic imperatives. As the only fully fledged Takaful service provider, it is critical that we anticipate new trends and build capabilities and competencies that enable profitable growth well into the future. Our strategy is to stay responsive to change, creating value for our customers and our partners. We tailor our specialized offerings for our partners, helping us both compete in the market. As we invest in our future, we continue to focus on delivering strong financial results and value-added services through digitalization and modernization.

Vibrancy of product portfolio is essential in a fast-paced market condition, though products offered are homogenous, we have a reputation of exceptional services. Claims services are reviewed periodically as it is where customers’ needs us most. The general products are mostly less exposed to claims, whereas the medical product flows claim constantly. To increase touchpoints, we have empaneled with a whopping 300+ medical services providers. Our risk fund is managed prudently for we have managed distributing surplus to participants continuously