Bison Maldives

Bison Maldives Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 24th October 2002 under Ministry of Trade and Industry in compliance with the Presidential Decree 10/96. The company is mainly engaged in construction , trading (Aluminium Extrusions and Accessories and Glass) , as well as engagement in all types of businesses that are related to tourism; including the development, leasing , owning, construction , operation and the management of tourist resorts , tourist hotels , guest houses and vessels for the said purpose and to act as a travel agent and tour operator.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Bison Maldives was the main contractor for Constance Halaveli resort development and it has been completed successfully in year 2009, and Gdh. Meradhoo (Jumeirah Dhevanafushi ) completed successfully in year 2010. After these 2 projects the Company engaged with One & Only Reethi Rah for all refurbishment work, renovations and modernization work until 2015 December. A new development project commenced in year 2015, Cocoon Maldives, completed successfully in year 2016 . The Company is to embark on another resort development project in early 2017, with total room capacity of 107 at R. Uthuru Maafaru.