Bright Brothers

In 1984, two brothers, Mohamed Thowfeequ and Abdul Samad, agreed between themselves to start a small business under the name ‘Bright Brothers’ with the objective of servicing and repairing refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment. In its early days, Bright Brothers operated out of a back room of their house. As the business grew the brothers began to employ people.

For over 30 years Bright Brothers Pvt. Ltd. has made their unique impression and established a prominence in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning services in the Maldives. Today Bright Brothers Pvt. Ltd. is a highly successful, responsive and dynamic company which specializes in providing a well integrated range of air-conditioning services and mass-market consumer products.

Bright Brothers’ impressive growth report has its roots in its objective to provide exceptional quality and value for customers. Bright Brothers has gradually built lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with business partners, suppliers and service providers around the globe.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: What started as a small business has now grown and evolved to include the supermarket chain AGORA, which provides quality and affordable food and consumer products. In the recent years, ARGO was established to provide fisheries, marine, and fuel services for fishermen and local communities.