Fuel Express Maldives

Fuel Express Maldives (FEM) is a local fuel supplier, established with the intention to make a positive difference in the industry. Our aim is that through our exceptional service, we will constantly serve our customers with the highest quality of (diesel and petrol) fuel and associated lubricants.

Awarded the Best Bunkering and Fuel Supplier of the Year at the Boating Award 2016 organized by Liveaboard Association of Maldives (LAM), our pride is that we operate with a zero tolerance policy on quality compromise and an aim to outperform the expectation of our customers by always delivering a reliable service. guaranteeing our customers the highest quality of fuel, our first priority is always the service we offer to our customer – ensuring that we deliver as promised on time, every time.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: We supply the highest grade of petroleum, diesel and lubricants as required by our customers, and for which we have the capacity to supply and deliver to our numerous types of clients operating and located throughout the Maldives. Whether your requirement is for a resort, a vessel at sea or a location within Male’, through our extensive vessel fleet of various capacities and our bowser fleet operating to the delivery services within Male’, we operate to provide an exceptional service for all your bunkering and fueling requirements. While the product may be generic in nature, what makes us unique is our quality assurance and our commitment to service quality.