Fuel Supplies Maldives

Fuel Supplies Maldives exists to provide fuel and fuel related services and products in Maldives. The company was registered on 18th December 2000, and started its operations from 1st January 2001. Since then, the company’s purpose has been to act as a fuel distribution arm of State Trading Organization PLC. FSM has now diversified its business into the boat building and repairing sector. More than 65% of the fuel imported to Maldives is distributed through FSM. FSM owns the largest fleet of vessel and vehicles dedicated to fuel distribution in the country.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Main products dealt by FSM are Diesel (MGO), Petrol (ULG) and Kerosene (JET-A1). FSM is well known in the industry as the provider of the best quality fuel in the Maldives. In addition FSM provides fuel related machineries and spares, and our boatyard provides docking and repair services to vessels.