1 Rufiyaa for 1 Bottle Campaign by WAMCO

Photo : WAMCO

Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) announced that they will be hosting a project aimed at returning plastic bottles for 1 rufiyaa per bottle on 29th April 2019. The project, named “Rahdhu” is part of WAMCO’s Smart City project in collaboration with HDC, UNDP and Ooredoo.

The project in-charge, Mr. Afrah said that the aim of this project is to encourage the returning of plastic bottles. The project will run from 30th April 20th to 4th May 2019. Mr. Afrah added that their target is to collect over 10,000 bottles during this time period.

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Bottles which are eligible for the campaign will have a sticker on it which reads that it is eligible for a refund of 1 rufiyaa when returned at a returning point. Eligible bottles will be available from shops near WAMCO’s
Hulhumale outlet. The project would be expanded in the future based on the support received by the public, according to WAMCO.

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