10 Reasons why TTM is the Largest Tourism Industry Event in the Maldives

  1. TTM is the largest Tourism & Trade Event in the Maldives: Spanning over 4 days of simultaneous events, 100+ Hotelier, more than 200+ confirmed travel agents, 30+ suppliers and over 1000+ industry stakeholders are expected to attend TTM 2018.
  2. TTM 2018 has been endorsed and backed by Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI), Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB), The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) and Association of Travel Agents (ATA) making it the premier travel trade show of the country.
  3. TTM 2018 Premium Exhibitors include Adaaran Resorts, Bandos Maldives, Crown & Champa Resorts, Villa Hotels and Resorts and Angiri Resorts. A total of over 100+ hoteliers will exhibit at TTM 2018.
  4. Over 3000 pre-scheduled meetings will be held at TTM 2018, discussing over $1.5 billion worth of contracts. A special software “CONNECT” will be used to arrange the meetings.
  5. 200+ international travel trade professionals have confirmed their participation in TTM 2018 making it the biggest travel trade platform for Maldivian hoteliers across the globe.
  6. Hotelier Summit will be attended by 150 hotel industry key decision makers. Hotelier Summit is a solution-oriented platform that will allow industry professionals and top decision makers to discuss future development through international alliance and collaboration.
  7. Maldives Supplier Expo is an invitation-only event where exhibiting companies can meet key decision makers from all over the Maldives. A total of 1000+ key decision makers and purchasing chiefs are expected to visit and network with the exhibitors. Exhibitors can pre-schedule up to 50 meetings via a special software.
  8. TTM Gala Night & Awards will feature a classy dinner, live music and networking among industry peers and colleagues with over 3000 expected to attend.
  9. Tourism Career Fair: Exhibiting companies are given the opportunity to engage with students/professionals to portray HR opportunities within the tourism industry.
  10. TTM 2017 was a huge success with over 150 international travel trade professionals & 100+ hoteliers. Hotelier Summit was attended by key decision makers across the industry.
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