11 Fasmeeru Products That Makes Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

In 1998, Mifco introduced the Fasmeeru brand to provide value-added fish products to the local market. The brand has already gained wide market acceptance locally and is marketed around the concept of offering healthy nutritional products packed and processed at the best available hygiene and safety standards and offered at affordable prices. Here are the 11 products offered by the Fasmeeru brand:

• Can Tuna

Fasmeeru Tuna Steak in Spring Water
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Most likely to be the most demanded product of Fasmeeru, the canned tuna changes your time in the kitchen completely. It takes just a few seconds to add this great ingredient to your meal and uplift the flavor. Fasmeeru tuna cans come in a variety of tastes and sizes so you can make the choice of what’s best for you. The diverse range includes tuna chunks in pepper, tuna chunks in dried chili, chunks in oil, chunks in brine, tuna steak in olive oil, and tuna steak in spring water.

• Tuna Pouch

Fasmeeru Tuna Chunks in Brine

The tuna pouch can be a substitute for the canned tuna. These pouches come in oil and brine and are available in 1kg, 3kg, and 500g.

• Diamondback Squid

Fasmeeru Diamondback Squid Noodle

The diamond squid is a large species of squid from the family Thysanoteuthidae which is found throughout tropical and subtropical waters. Fasmeeru offers 250g diamondback squid noodles, diamondback squid head and tentacles, diamondback squid fins, and 250g diamond squid blocks.


Fasmeeru Tuna Lasagna

The Lifestyle products are made to make your life easier. This includes tuna lasagna ready to heat and serve in minutes, marinated reef fish ready to grill, authentic Maldivian Tuna Dishes to heat and serve as well as tuna in deviled sauce.

• Tuna Condiments

Fasmeeru Minced Smoked Tuna

Instantly making your dish full of flavors and spices, Fasmeeru offers tuna chili paste and tuna chili mix.

• Ready to Cook

Fasmeeru Tuna Burger Patties

These packed products simply require you to either fry or cook them, saving you a lot of time. These include tuna drumsticks, tuna curry balls, tuna burger patties, reef fish meatballs, and reef fish burger patties.

• Rihaakuru

Fasmeeru Rihaakuru

Another well-known product of the brand, Rihaakuru or fish paste comes in two sizes: 300 grams or 200 grams Rihaakuru bottles.

• Reef Fish

Fasmeeru Reef Fish

Fasmeeru’s packed reef fishes include scaled reef fish fillets and reef fishes scaled and gutted.

• Dry Tuna

Fasmeeru Chipped Smoked Tuna

The brand’s dry tuna range consists of 8 products. This includes minced smoked tuna, chipped smoked tuna, smoked tuna, and sliced tuna in a variety of sizes.

• Frozen Tuna

Fasmeeru Frozen Skipjack Tuna

Frozen Tuna products include yellowfin belly, tuna steak, tuna blocks, skipjack tuna, and curry cut.

• Fasmeeru Rasain

Fasmeeru Aluvi Sambol

These are the snacks that make your day instantly better. From Fuh Gulha and Fonimaa Gulha to Athu Jehi and Aluvi Sambol, the Rasain product range consist of 6 products.

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