14 million in profits for MTCC

Photo credits; avas.mv

The governments largest construction and logistics company MTCC has performed well with over Rf. 297 million in business done and Rf. 14 million in profits received in the third quarter of the year.

Third quarterly earnings by MTCC have been Rf. 14.5 million after tax and other expense deductions. However, this is a decrease from the second quarter profits of Rf. 29.2 million. This is considerably less in comparison as they spent Rf. 293 million doing business in the second quarter as opposed to the Rf. 297 million spent during the third quarter.

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The decrease i profits as per the statistics is due to the purchase of new equipment and goods for the numerous projects that they are currently engaged in. With over 74 projects currently in motion spread all across the country, 2 new projects have been assigned to them by the government this quarter as well.

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