14 Places Permitted to Operate for 24 Hours

Photo : PSM

Permission to operate for 24 hours has been given to 14 places including 4 shops and 10 restaurants as per the Ministry of Economic Development.

For the permit to operate for 24 hours, it is compulsory for the places to have 24-hour CCTV camera operation and a clear view of the interior while smoking should be restricted.

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The following are the shops permitted to operate for 24 hours
1. Shop and Save (Sosun Magu)
2. New Chain (Sosun Magu)
3. ANG Traders (Orchid Magu)
4. Express Mart (Villingili Ferry Terminal)

The following are the Cafe’s and Restaurants which will operate for 24 hours
1. SeaHouse (Hulhumale’ Ferry Terminal
2. Dolphin view cafe’
3. M.T. Canteen (MWSC canteen)
4. Market Hotel
5. South Wing cafe’
6. Nice and Spice (Food court)
7. Retreat Delight (Food court
8. Weaver Cafe’ (Food court)
9. Novel Bistro (Food court)
10. Saffron Cafe’ (Sosun Magu)

The areas to be permitted to operate business for 24 hours should be in the following roads ; Majeedhee Magu, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Ameenee Magu, Orchid Magu, Fareedhee Magu, Buruzu Magu, Sosun Magu, Kan’baa Aisaarani Hingun, Lonuziyaaraih Magu and Medhuziyaaraih Magu.

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