3.6 Billion Rufiyaa in the third quarter for the government

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority has stated that the government had an income of Rf. 3.6 Billion during the third yearly quarter.

During the same period last year Rf. 3.67 billion was earned and this year’s Rf. 3.6 Billion is a 5.8% decrease from what it was last year.

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Here are the sectors in which the government received the most income

  • GST (Rf. 1.3 Billion)
  • BPT (Rf. 997 million)
  • Tourism Land Rent (Rf. 360 million)
  • Green Tax (Rf. 144 million)

The statistics released by MIRA, Rf. 1.34 billion in GST and this was less than what was estimated at Rf. 1.36 billion. These statistics estimated an income of Rf. 1 billion for the government this quarter. Furthermore, income was generally less than the estimated. For instance, it was expected that Rf. 432 million would be received as Tourism Land Rent but Rf. 260 million was received. In addition to this, only Rf 144 million in Green Tax was received as opposed to the estimated Rf. 382 million.

Income received from US dollars has also increased in comparison to last year’s same quarterly earnings by 1.2 % at $122.91 million.

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