3 New Members Appointed to Dhivehi Language Academy

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has yesterday appointed three new members to Dhivehi Language Academy upon the expiration of the tenure of three former members on 08 August 2021, as per the National Language (Priority) Act (no: 2011/09).

These three new members are Dr. Ashraf Abdul Raheem, Ms. Zulfa Ibrahim and Mr. Mohamed Shahid Haleem, a former member of the academy.

The three members whose tenure expired on 08 August 2021 are Mr. Ashraf Ali, Ms. Rafia Abdul Gadir and Mr. Mohamed Shahid Haleem.

Following the new appointments, the incumbent members of the Dhivehi Language Academy are as below:

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1- Mr. Abdul Rasheed Hussain, a recipient of the Order of the Distinguished Rule of Izzuddin.
2- Mr. Iyaz Jaadullah Naseem
3- Mr. Mohamed Shahid Haleem
4- Dr. Ashraf Abdul Raheem
5- Ms. Zulfa Ibrahim

Under the stipulations of the Act, a President and Vice President would be elected through a secret ballot held amongst all members of the Academy.

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