3 Traits of Successful Maldivian Entrepreneurs You Should Definitely Look Up To

Attaining success is not simply a matter of luck. It’s a matter of taking the time to learn a trade, applying your knowledge and sticking with it — even in the face of adversity and potential failure along the way.

While successful people work in many different fields, they tend to share key character traits which help them get and stay ahead. Here are three traits of successful entrepreneurs in the Maldives who, in their respective industries, have climbed their way to the very top of the ladder.

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Cultivate these traits and make them part of your daily habits; chances are, you’ll see improved success in your own life and career.

Take it slow and steady

Is patience a virtue? If you want to be successful, yes. While perhaps it’s not the most exciting trait, it’s invaluable. As much as we all want things to happen right now, success takes time. Anything that is worth attaining is worth waiting for.

“It took me 45 years to be where I am today,” said Mr. Hussain Afeef, co-founder and chairman of Crown Company. He is a pioneering businessman and entrepreneur, responsible for both the instigation and expansion of several key industries in the Maldives, including the tourism and hospitality industry.

Both a visionary of unrivaled business acumen and an altruistic humanitarian, it is safe to say that Mr. Afeef knows a thing or two about the patience it takes to thrive in the corporate world.

“One month after starting your business, don’t be upset if it’s going slow. If you try to grow too fast and do too much at the same time, there’s a big possibility that you will crash. Take your time to feel what you are doing, to learn what you are doing, and to grow with the company. To feel and be aware of what’s happening. That’s how you will have a steady business.”

Adapt and innovate to meet new challenges

To achieve greatness, you must constantly be evolving and innovating. When challenges arise, don’t back away from them. Instead, face them head on and adapt your business to meet whatever new demands are required. This key piece of advice holds true now more than ever, as industries relentlessly evolve according to emerging trends and technologies.

“Industries, such as the tourism industry, are moving and rapidly changing, from the days of brochures to the days of mobiles, having everything at your fingertips,” said Mr. Mohamed Umar Maniku, chairman of Universal Enterprises.

Mr. Mohamed Umar Maniku, better known as M U Maniku, is referred to as ‘The Man Who Built Paradise’ due to his rightful honor as the man who instigated tourism in the Maldives. He has consistently proven his dynamic and distinctive vision, which has helped recognize the critical problems and needs of the foundling market by exploring new breakthrough ideas.

“If you don’t change your product to fit the new technologies, then your product will not work,” said Mr. Maniku. “The new generation is very tech-savvy, and I’m confident that our youth will rise to the challenge and play a very big role in the industry in the future.”

Remain resilient and don’t give up

Don’t expect achievements and accomplishments to come easily, just because you’ve got a new attitude and work ethic. Obstacles will still be there between you and success, and it is up to you to remain resilient in overcoming them.

“I work hard, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, but that is one of the several keys to success, I think,” said Mr. Gasim Ibrahim, chairman and founder of Villa Group. “I refused to give up in the face of adversity. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I believe these are the qualities that kept me going and helped me succeed in my life and career.”

Mr. Gasim Ibrahim is often lauded as one of the wealthiest and most successful businessmen in the country. During his business career which spans the majority of his life, he has explored multiple sectors such as trading, tourism, aviation, education. A respected philanthropist, he has funded the education and healthcare of countless people, personally and through his company.

“There are no secrets to success,” said Mr. Gasim. “Everyone knows what the secrets are. Some refuse to accept it. More importantly, there is no single quality in a person that can turn him into a success. It is the amalgamation of several qualities, during certain key points in your life, which makes or breaks you.”

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