4 reasons why Maldivian students feel confused about a career path after school

We have all been there. Freshly graduated from High school, minds packed with various information we reviewed in the late night before the many exams, surrounded by one question. What should we do now?. Life after High school seems like a hazy path, filled with fog and murky vapor. But do you ever wonder why you can’t just decide on what you want to do? There are many causes as to why this happens. In order to get a clearer opinion about this, we contacted a few individuals from a few colleges.

We first contacted Dr. Abdulla Sadig, Deputy Vice Rector of Villa College to question why he believes students feel confused regarding a career path after school. His opinions are as follows.

Dr. Abdulla Sadig, Deputy Vice Rector, Villa College
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1. No career oriented studies 

In the Maldives. all schools offer two major streams. That is Science and Business/Commerce. Even though an Art stream exists as well, many students choose from the aforementioned two. There are no career oriented studies that help students decide what they plan to do in the future. Schools need to have classes that help students in making this life changing decision and not just regular ones that make students cram information into their heads. 

2. Confusion about available opportunities 

In the Maldives, career opportunities are wider in the Business sector. Hence, this makes it challenging for the Science students to consider a career path after school as they feel that the available opportunities are narrow and less in number. If students are taught about the available possibilities for them through their chosen streams, this will make it so much more convenient for those that are clueless.  

We then contacted Mr. Anil Adam, Dean of Students at Cyryx College to ask him about why he believes students feel confused regarding a career path after school. He got back to us with the following reasons. 

Mr. Anil Adam, Dean of Sudents, Cyryx College 

3. Lack of research 

Go around and ask any student who finished High School what their plan for the future is. You are sure to find plenty of them looking perplexed and dazed because they do not have any such plans. This is due to the lack of inquiry about the available opportunities. Though the opportunities may be narrow, unless you do a proper investigation on them, you are bound to be confused about what you want to do after studies finish.

4. Lack of networking skills 

This is something many students fail to do which is extremely necessary. Good results aren’t only what guarantees you a suitable career path or what helps you on the road to one. You also need to work on networking skills with specialists who can lead you to your desired professional route. Work on building close relationships with the right people who can be of help to you in times of need. This is a surefire way to help you feel more secure about your future and choosing a career path of your taste. 

Making a choice about your desired profession comes easy to some but it is harder for others. Take your time and begin planning early so that you are able to make a wise choice about the direction you would like to go in the future. Move step by step and take it slowly but surely and you are bound to find what you love to do at a point of your life.

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