4 tips to make your resume stand out yet silent

When applying for a job, the first phase is the resume or curriculum vitae (CV). We all try to fit in so much of extra-curriculars trying to sound more skilled and experienced.We do not know what an employer is looking for, and hence, we try to list down skills in all possible fields to make ourselves look like the perfect candidate. However, employees don’t really want to see so much of extra-curriculars or a “loud” resume. They want to see short, crisp and well-organized resumes.

Here are some tips on creating the perfect resume that isn’t too much yet stands out just the same.

1. Write relevant extra-curriculars 

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Instead of listing down all different kinds of activities you ever took part in, try to only write down things that are necessary and relevant to the post that you are applying for. If you are applying for an admin job, which many High school graduates are bound to do, try and mention your leadership posts more. Don’t waste your precious space and write skills and extra-curriculars that will score you extra points for your designated post.

Girl Guides in the Maldives

2. Add some volunteer work to your work experiences

Though Maldives may be a small country with an extremely small population in comparison with other countries of the world, there are many opportunities to do volunteer work and it is wise to use these opportunities to do volunteer work which can then be added to your resume. Volunteer work shows your motivation and your drive and is a push in your resume aiding you in seeming more rational and level-headed.

3. An objective outlining what you have done

When you first create a resume, the first thing that you write is an objective. An objective is a short statement that states what kind of an individual you are and gives a general overview on you as a person. In this introduction, make sure to write what you have done and not just your skills since actions speak louder than words. If you do this, it will show how you stick by your words and not just utter meaningless words without doing anything.

Women and girls involved in Disaster Risk Reduction activities in the Maldives

4. Make your resume neat 

It is a big put off when you go in to an interview and hand in a messy resume with the content all over the place. Your resume should be clean and organized with all the content well aligned. In addition, try and make it as simple as possible without any complicated design. Use a neat and simple font to make it seem orderly and immaculate.

A resume is an extremely important phase of applying for a job. There are no tips or tricks that will get you the job even though you apply for it. Following these tips are just a way to make the process easier and more orderly. Making your resume neat is in no way a trick to get the job, but rather a trick to please the employer and create a neat first impression.

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