4 ways to be happier in 2019

Being happy can sometimes feel extremely difficult. Especially when you’re going through dark phases of your life, happiness is a blessing you feel which doesn’t apply to you. It’s okay to feel lost and it’s okay not to be happy all the time. It’s okay to feel like you’re never going to be happy again. Such hard times are sure to come in your life, but this will make you stronger. So here are some tips which you can follow to attempt to be happier in this new year. It’s definitely not making up resolutions or going for therapy. It’s simple tips you can follow to slowly escape the darkness that is enveloping you.

1. Cut out toxic people from your life

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This is extremely important. I am sure many of us have been heartbroken by many people and yet find ourselves giving them multiple chances, allowing us to get broken over and over again. This is absolutely wrong. You should have some self respect and not allow yourself to be dragged around by someone who only keeps hurting you. Know when to distance yourself from those who keep draining you mentally. If you do this, you will find yourself feeling much happier and life will be much easier.

2. Love yourself 

This is one of the key pointers that we need to keep in mind in order to live a happier life. When you go on Facebook, you will notice so many people sharing posts calling themselves ugly and unworthy of love or such. All of us crave happiness and respect and acknowledgement. We all want someone to love us and make us feel worthy to go on living. However, what most of us don’t realize that the most important form of love is self love. If you don’t love yourself, you shouldn’t expect anyone else to.

3. Find a hobby you love

We all have something which can lift our mood when we’re feeling sad. For some it is writing, or painting or reading or such. We make this our coping mechanism and vent out our feelings, hence making us feel happier and contended. Out of the many wrong things we do, this one one right thing that some of us do. Unfortunately, some take to extremely wrong and unhealthy coping mechanisms as well, which is to be avoided at all costs. Don’t hurt yourself even if others are hurting you. Don’t over complicate your life even if others may be doing so. Take it easy and find comfort in calming, healthy hobbies to relieve you of your stress.

4. Be kind

I’m sure all of us know about Karma. What goes around comes around. This doesn’t just apply for negative things only. It applies for positive things as well. If you are kind to someone, the kindness is sure to find you as well. Good deeds done to others will surely reward you as well. How many of us find ourselves smiling at a random stranger and feel euphoric when they return the smile? This is how well positivity and kindness affects you. Be the stranger who smiles at strangers or the one who smiles back. You will never know just what good a deed you have done. Maybe the stranger you smiled at was feeling extremely worthless and was going to kill themselves before you smiled at them. Though such actions may be insignificant to you maybe they mean the world to other.

Happiness doesn’t just come to you. You need to reach out to it and want it from the bottom of your heart. Be positive and surround yourself with positivity and see the differences it makes in your life.

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