488 Individuals Receive Income Support Allowance

The government of the Maldives has revealed income support allowance has been disbursed to 488 individuals.

Speaking at the daily press briefing, over USD 127 million has been disbursed to 488 individuals, as income support allowance according to, Spokesperson of National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) Mohamed Mabrook Azeez.

Spokesperson of National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) Mohamed Mabrook Azeez.
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The government introduced a compensation package to cover some of the essential expenses of individuals whose employment have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The income support allowance of USD 323 will be provided for individuals who fit into the eligibility criteria stated under an established policy.

The criteria include individuals who have been either dismissed or suspended from their jobs without pay, as well as employees who have been sent on no-pay leaves and employees whose monthly wages have been reduced below USD 323. The allowance given for individuals whose wages have been cut will be the difference between USD 323 and their current monthly wages.

The eligibility criteria also include being a Maldivian citizen living in the Maldives who had been employed by March 1, 2020. They must also be between 18 years and 65 years of age.

The policy states the allowance will be given for a period three months starting from April 1. The allowance for each month has to be given before the 15th day of the next month. The allowance will be discontinued for individuals who are re-employed during the period, starting from the day of re-employment.

Individuals who wish to apply for the allowance must submit their applications online through the Job Centre portal of the Ministry of Economic Development.

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