5 Interesting New Restaurants in Town You Must Visit

Male’ is not a city where eating out is an occasional event, it is something done on a daily basis between activities usually among friends and colleagues. Male’ has the most diverse restaurants in the Maldives.

Every now and then different new eateries open in Male’, expanding the restaurant industry even more intensely. Here, Corporate Maldives has compiled a list of new restaurants opened in Male’ in the last six months.

  1. Ratatouille
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Ratatouille was opened on 8th February and is located in Hulhumale’. Ratatouille serves a different variety of cuisines within a pleasant ambience.

2. Pita Pan

Pita Pan’s specialty is Indian cuisines, but they do serve various cuisines. It is located in Male’.

3. Medmex Bistro

Medmex is a Mediterranean and Mexican restaurant, located at the end of Roashaneemagu.

4. ISSO Maldives

ISSO Maldives is a gourmet fast food restaurant opened last October. Their specialty is seafood and is a must-visit place for all seafood lovers.

5. Charcoal Hulhumale’ Outlet

The Charcoal Hulhumale’ outlet was opened in last February. Charcoal serves a various range of cuisines from Asian Fish Rice to Mac and Cheese.

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