5 Keys to Pick the Perfect Venue for Your Next Event in the Sunny Side

It is not a secret that the Maldives aka “The sunny side of life” is the top holiday destination among tourists. However, the little-known fact is that this attractive tourist destination is also topping in the list of “best locations to host an event.”

An “Event” is a wide range of festivals starting from ceremonies such as workshops, meetings, corporate retreats to functions like weddings, banquets, and more. The date, catering options, and more importantly the pleasant experience of attendees are all partly affected by the venue you select. Hence, choosing the right venue for the event is the most essential factor in the process of event organizing.

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Completely agreeing with the popular opinion of “Finding the right venue can make or break an event,” Maldives is the perfect place for an event. Maldives offers everything from modern event venues to venues suitable for specific needs.

While considering the Maldives as an event venue, feeling overwhelmed is often unavoidable. It is noticeable that some “by-the-book” managed events have slipped off some important factors which the event planners wished they had known earlier. Hence, consider the following 5 keys to remember when searching for the perfect venue.

  1. Location

Location is the main key to a successful event. An ideal location must harmonize with the purpose of the event. In order to do so, it is important to identify the nature of the event. That being said, logistics is one thing people should not forget as it often overlooked amid the chaos.

2. Catering

One aspect which goes untouched by most event planners are considering the quality, choice and adaptability of the dietary requirements of the guests. Food, whether scrumptious or otherwise can possibly be imprinted in the memories of the attendees. The diversity and flexibility of menus can be different from venues within Maldives; therefore, it is important to carefully consider and check the catering options before contracting any venue.

3. Services & Facilities

An event venue that consists of friendly and experienced employees ready to serve with a smile will give a pleasant and memorable time for guests. While that being a bonus, it is smart to ensure a venue which provides essential facilities such as enough bathrooms to avoid queuing and various routes or excess points in order to avoid crowded hallways.

4. Size & Capacity

The reason why one must ensure a venue that fits the number of attendees of an event is so because a space that is too small will have a congest and claustrophobic feel to it while a space too large will look empty with a feeling of lack in ambiance. To determine the size of the location, only relying on photos at the end, can turn out the opposite of expectations.

Requesting a tour of the venue beforehand to have the chance to evaluate and finalize it in person with better accuracy.

5. Technology

In this digital age, our daily lives are connected to modern technology. It also plays an essential role in your event. A venue that provides basic technological facilities will be an added value depending on the type of your event as it will ensure a smooth outcome.

The perfect venue is the backbone of the perfect event. Just take the above keys into consideration when doing research and there is no doubt that everyone will be able to find the perfect venue for the next event in this beautiful paradise.

About the Writer: Suzeena Ahmed works at Kurumba Maldives as an event manager. She started her career at Kurumba at the age of 19 and has been working there ever since. Her ultimate goal in event management is building strong relationships with customers and investing in their needs.

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