5 Luxury Condominium Open for Sale

In recent years real estate in the Maldives has rapidly risen. Male’ and Hulhumale have been urbanizing at increasing speeds. New condominiums with Luxury apartments and facilities are increasing.

Finding the right house/apartment at the right price in the Maldives exhausting . Especially in Male’ city It’s is no easy task, but it doesn’t have to be too overwhelming.
Here we bring 5 luxury condominiums opening soon in the Maldives;

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1- The Gardens

The Garden Luxury Condominium

The Gardens by JAAH investment is the Luxury residential condominium located in Hulumale’. The Gardens offers to embrace you into a community that is not only fashioned at par with your lifestyle but enriches it as well. Cozy yet contemporary, chic yet homely, revel in the special moments of your life within the walls of this sheer charm and make your memories immortal.


AIRA Luxury Condominium Project

AIRA is a Luxury condominium project in Hulumale’ by Ensis Fisheries Pvt Ltd.
AIRA is designed to provide an exceptional living experience to people who are unmatched in the Maldives. With its seafront view, modern design, and unique ambiance, AIRA redefines modern-day Maldivian housing needs. Scheduled to open in March 2021

3- Raincrest Residence

Raincrest Residence Luxury Condominium

It is a development undertaken in Hulhumale by Rainbow Singhal Developers, a joint venture between Rainbow Construction and Singhal Engineering.

The residential condominium located on Reethigas Magu, Hulhumale, which is considered as the spine of residential and commercial buildings on the island, Raincrest Residence is a mixed-use residential condominium, composed of two 14 story towers consisting of 136 apartments. The building is conveniently located to face three main roads as well as a pedestrian link, meaning that it does not share a boundary with any other plots, a rare feature in the City.

4- Aqua Vita

Aqua Vita Luxury Condominium

Aqua Vita is a beautiful luxury apartment complex situated at the Hulumale’. Indulge in a sensory experience surrounded by sea, sand and endless shores as Aqua vita’s luxurious suites offer you a breath-taking view of the Indian Ocean from the verge of the stunning private balconies. The residences can experience elegantly designed living spaces, intricately constructed in modern architecture inspired by the natural beauty and culture of the nation of Maldives.

Aqua Vital will the tallest complex on the Hulumale’ in the current phase. They offer extraordinary living experience with 104 unique apartments spread across 14 floors. Scheduled to open in April 2021.

5- K-Park residence

K-Park Residence Luxury Condominium

K-park residence is a Korean-Style Mixed-Use Residential Complex located in Hulumale’. The luxury condominium Comprised of 110 spacious Luxury apartments, in the heart of Hulhumale’, Launched on 20th November 2016, the project K-Park Residence is carefully handled by high-class international partners including Korean Developer Hanbo Company and Hong Kong Contractor Shijia Group. K-Park Residence introduces a unique sense of luxurious livening to the Maldives while guaranteeing the owners maximum security and a range of amenities.

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