5 Ways STO Stood Out To Serve Nation During Pandemic

State Trading Organization (STO ) is the leading business organization in Maldives. The company is significant for decades and involved in supply of petroleum, cooking gas, construction materials, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, home appliances, electronics, supermarket products and insurance.

Here are the 5 reasons how STO stood out to serve the nation during pandemic.

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Guarantee staple food supply

With the fear of community outbreak in the country, general public raised concerns of adequate stock of staple food for the community. STO reassured staple foods stock in Maldives. Compare to neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Maldives was applauded for handling the outbreak of pandemic well, with the effort of STO.

Introduce online store

STO supermarket and other outlets play vital role in daily food supply. With the lockdown, STO supermarket was among the first grocery shops that started online shopping. With the help of MNDF, STO went on to deliver much needed food to door steps.

Regular press briefings led by MD

STO held regular press briefings during the pandemic. Press briefings were lead by MD, himself where they gave necessary information and assurance to public about the medical supplies and other basic necessities.

Maintain medicine supply

STO is the leading medicine and medical equipment supplier in Maldives. During the pandemic, STO continued the supply of necessary medicines across the country without fail.

Reduce the price of the oil

At the very beginning of Pandemic, STO reduced the price of diesel and petrol. The price of petrol reduced to MVR 8.07 per litre and diesel price to MVR 8.71 per litre. The company also maintain regular supply of oil across the country.

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