5 reasons why Western Union Online App is for you

Island Financial Services in association with Western Union recently launched the Western Union Mobile application for online money transfers.

Western Union (WU) is an American worldwide financial services and communications company that offers products such as person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments, and commercial services.

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WU app intends to facilitate people working in resorts and distant islands by providing a convenient platform that has a user-friendly interface.

Here are the five reasons why Western Union online application is the service you need to use:

1. Largest industrialized financial services and communications business in the market

2. Available for download on Google Play and App Store for free

3. The application provides a simple service where customers don’t have to wait in queues for a long time.

4. Customers can easily and quickly check the Western Union fees and exchange rates through the app

5. Track money transfer status online and save receiver’s details for easy resend

Farhath Abdul Latheef, the Manager of Villa Travels said, “Through the app, with the touch of a button, customers can transfer money from wherever they are without having to travel all the way to Male’ to make the transfer.”

Mobile app link: http://onelink.to/wu.mv

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