5 Remarkable Accomplishments from the Opening of Hoarafushi Airport

The Ha. Hoarafushi airport, constructed by Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), was inaugurated on Thursday by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The completion of the Hoarafushi airport, which was one of the biggest infrastructure projects and the first airport developed under the current administration, marks a number of significant achievements for our nation.

Record-breaking efficiency

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The airport project, mobilized on 25 March 2019, was the fastest constructed airport after land reclamation by MTCC. It was built with a 1.2km runway, an 8,635 sqm apron, a taxiway, service roads, a 9,473 sqm parking area, and a 1,718 sqm fire access road. The speed at which MTCC completed the Hoarafushi airport project is admirable, and it showcases the efficiency and diligence when it comes to ventures such as these.

Completed in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly cast a gloom over all aspects of our lives. It has halted movement across the globe, and has posed several challenges with regards to travel, shipping, and overall mobility. Despite all the obstacles set forth by the pandemic, MTCC has managed to successfully deliver, and this in itself is an achievement worth noting.

Exemplary leadership

‘Leadership is the ability to procure extraordinary results from ordinary people’. This well-known saying rings true here as well. Throughout the course of the project, CEO of MTCC, Adam Azim had been involved in making sure the airport was completed successfully and in a timely manner, and the opening of the airport is a testament to his exemplary leadership.

Investment for tourism development

At the inauguration ceremony, President Solih stated that while Haa Alifu atoll previously lacked in ample opportunities for tourism development, such opportunities can now bear fruition with the opening of the new Hoarafushi airport. He noted that this was the optimal time for tourism development, remarking that he had now approved the proposed land plots for tourism in Hoarafushi island.

A new era of connectivity

The Hoarafushi airport is the first airport built in Haa Alifu atoll; previously, the closest airport to local residents was the Hanimaadhoo airport in Haa Dhaalu atoll. Greater connectivity between our atolls and islands would not only serve to benefit locals by easing travel, but it would also generate countless opportunities and help improve the Maldivian economy in the long-term.

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