5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Home WiFi Performance

The global spread of COVID-19 has caused many practicing social distancing and self-isolating at their own homes. The government of Maldives has also declared a temporary shutdown of government offices due to the pandemic. Hence many civil servants and workers in private sectors have opted for working from during this time. With working from home, many are concerned with issues with internet connection affecting the efficiency of their work.

Thus, Corporate Maldives has compiled 5 simple tips to boost the home WiFi performance to ensure efficiency and productivity when you are working from home.

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1.Locating the spot in your home with the best connection speed.

Before an important video call, you can look for the spot where the connectivity is at its optimum based on your home’s WiFi configuration. Most of the time, the best connectivity spot is near the router. Thus checking around the router to find the spot will save you some time.

2. Adjusting the location of the router.

CEO of Shoelace Wireless recommends plugging the router in a high and obstructed location. And to avoid keeping the router in confined locations such as the closet. Also, he suggests using an ethernet cable for the best connectivity.

3. Troubleshoot router problems

If your home is large or rooms are far apart, consider getting a WiFi extender or a mesh network to enhance your connectivity range. Download a WiFi signal test app and check for the channel interference, and adjust your router to avoid interferences. If your connectivity seems sluggish, try resetting your router, and if all else fails, consider upgrading the router.

4. Limit other user’s consumptions to reduce daily bandwidth needs.

Limiting the usage of other users of your home WiFi. For instance, deleting bandwidth guzzling apps and pre-download kids’ video at night so there is additional bandwidth available during the day.

5. Explore backup connectivity options.

Keeping backup connectivity such as a mobile hotspot can act as a bit of an insurance policy if your home network is notoriously inconsistent. Also, remember to reach out to your internet provider to see if they’re providing enhanced data plans for little or no additional cost during this time.

These five simple tips can enhance your connectivity and will assist you to work from home without any interruptions.

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