5 Smart Ways to Keep up with the Curriculum During the COVID-19 School Break

With the declaration of COVID-19 being categorized as a pandemic, the government has announced state of public health emergency. This has resulted in the temporary shutdown of schools.

Although studying at home through teleclasses seems convenient, it is very difficult. Students will inevitably procrastinate and will face many distractions.

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Thus, parents are concerned about whether students can keep up with the curriculum through teleclasses or not.

Here, Corporate Maldives presents five steps that would help students to keep up with their studies during this break.

  1. Create a timetable

Creating a timetable will help you organize the time, breaks, and teleclasses. Set reasonable times for each subject and allocate chapters to each day.

2. Have a designated study Area

Students can allocate a certain area of the house to study. This will motivate them to study and will give students a classroom vibe.

3. Choose the right time to study

Researches show that different students prefer studying at different periods of the day. Thus with the temporary shutdown of schools, students can choose their most preferable time to study and can adjust their timetable to that time.

4. Take practice tests

Through study guides and previous papers, students can take practice tests on their own. This will help them evaluate how much they have learned during the break.

5. Reward Yourself

You can reward yourself after studying hard, such as watching an episode of your favorite show after finishing one chapter. This work-reward cycle, if done correctly will result in more motivation to keep up with the curriculum.

Students can make the most of their study time during this break by staying focused and setting a definite goal.

To keep up with the curriculum it is very important to stay healthy. Thus, students should wash their hands regularly and should eat healthy food.

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