6 Hectares of land reclaimed for Kulhudhuffushi Airport

Mahaa Jarraafu entering Kulhudhuffushi - Image source: Mihaaru

A land area of 6 Hectares has been reclaimed in HDh. Kulhudhuffushi according to Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC).

CEO of MTCC Mr Ibrahim Ziyath gave a statement to Avas, saying that 6 Hectares of land has been reclaimed by now and that the project will go on according to the plans and schedule.

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In order to develop an airport in Kulhudhuffushi, a total of 15 Hectares land will be reclaimed from the island’s pond and sea area. The newly acquired dredger of MTCC, Mahaa Jarraafu is being utilised for this project and work is carried out during daytime only.

After the completion of Kulhudhuffushi Airport project, Mahaa Jarraafu will be working on Sh. Funadhoo Airport project in which 21 Hectares of land will be filled.

Dredging was started by MTCC in 1995 and it is one the company’s core activities. The New dredger will be an addition to the largest dredging fleet in Maldives. MTCC is the largest dredging contractor in the country and innovating advanced technologies to improve this service is a major effort by the public company.

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