6 Places Expected To See Spike In Demand After Lockdown Lifts and Restrictions Ease

The government of Maldives has imposed a 14-day lockdown in the Greater Male’ area amid the community spread of COVID-19 in the country. As the virus spread to different islands, government is declaring immediate lockdowns in those islands. Restaurants, salons, and mosques are closed indefinitely.

Here, Corporate Maldives has gathered 6 places that will be high on public’s list to visit as soon as the lockdown lifts.

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The Ministry of Islamic Affairs has restricted praying in congregation in Mosques indefinitely. In addition to that the ministry has restricted public entry to Mosque till the situation returns to normal in the country. Hence, when lockdown and restrictions ease many are restlessly waiting to recite Quran in mosques and for the congregational prayers, especially Jumu’ah (Friday) prayer as it is a very important prayer to Muslims.

Barber and Beauty Salons

The government ordered to close beauty salons before they imposed the lockdown in the Greater Male’ area. Since the end of March, citizens in the Greater Male’ area did not get any services from most of salons. Thus, it is expected that as soon as the lockdown lifts, many will go for their much-needed haircuts, manicure and pedicure, and other beauty treatments.

Motor Repairs

The lockdown in April 15th hit the citizens of Greater Male’ area unexpectedly. Hence, the demand for places such as motor repairs will be high. Many are waiting for the pending repairs while others will go to repair any damages caused during the lockdown. As everyone will be restless to go for a ride and to meet the loved ones as soon as possible.

Restaurants and Cafés

One place for sure we all have missed is having a coffee in a good café or having a hefty meal with your loved ones in the calm ambience of a restaurant.

The demand for restaurants and cafés are expected to be high and many restaurants are predicted to offer many promotions and discounts as they will want to attract more customers to make up for the days they have been closed.


Staying at home for 24 hours has definitely affected the diet and our health. As soon as restrictions ease many people would opt for going to gyms to get their before-lockdown body and to be healthier. COVID-19 has made many Maldivians aware of the importance of exercising to mitigate the effects of virus such as novel coronavirus.

Vacations and Recreations

The lockdown has caused a huge toll on the mental health locals. According to MRC, over 1,000 people sought psychological support regarding the COVID-19.

Hence, many will be going for vacations to take a break from COVID-19 anxiety and to repair the damage it has caused to their mental health.

All these 6 places are expected to be very much in demand by the public post the quarantine lifts. However, Wuhan the original outbreak of the virus, lifted their lockdown after three months and the sight in there is very different from what people predicted. Many are still taking precautionary measures and maintain social distancing. Hence, the sight of Maldives after the lockdown lifts is uncertain.

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