6 Tips for a Successful Career According to Mr. Abdul Majeed, CEO of Bison Construction

A successful career is not formed overnight. It takes hard work and dedication to the work you do. You need to be willing to sacrifice a lot of things that you love in order to get where you desire to be. It takes a lot of self control to refrain from unhealthy habits that takes time out of your schedule and distract you from working to achieve your goals. In order to get some insight on things to do make a successful career we contacted the Chief Executive Officer of Bison Construction Mr. Abdul Majeed, who shared his wise advise to the younger generation of business people and entrepreneurs.

1. Should be reliable

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As per Mr. Majeed one of the most important things to do in order to become a successful person is being a reliable person. If you can’t be trusted with small tasks then that means that you won’t be able to handle an entire organization or be able to observe and supervise other people. Be reliable enough so that other people are able to lean on you to move forward in their careers and make a name for themselves in their professional lives.

2. Have a positive attitude

When working in the corporate world, one of the most critical things you are required to do is dealing with people. Mr. Majeed believes that in such situations, a positive attitude is the secret to success. Having a positive attitude also makes you easier to work with and allows you to get along with your team members better. Since no one can reach success alone, it is optimum to maintain a positive attitude and think positively.

3. Make sure to be punctual

As time goes, we have started to notice that as people get engrossed more and more with their smartphones, their sleep schedules have become messy and are usually suffer from tardiness. Mr. Majeed says that one of the greatest secrets of success is to be a punctual person. Punctuality says a lot about the professionality of a person and gives an impression on how serious they are with their work. Attend office on time and work hard to achieve your goals. This will definitely aid you in the path to success.

4. Be focused

This is one of the hardest things to do. For most of us, distraction is the hardest part while working. If you happen to start scrolling through social media, you may end up there for a longer time than you intended to. This is because you lack focus. Mr. Majeed asks to maintain focus and be goal oriented in order to be successful in the future and be interested in what you do.

5. Be passionate in what you do

So many of us are out there, feeling like clockwork and living a routine life that we forget to enjoy our professional lives. We lack passion and emotion towards our work. As per Mr. Majeed, being passionate about what you do is a very important in order to have a successful career. The passion is what will drive you to work hard and allows you to stay focused.

6. Build a team

In order to achieve success, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you can’t achieve it alone. What Mr. Majeed and even many other successful businessmen will tell you is that you need to build a team who will aid you in reaching your set goals. Have a final picture in your head and select people who have the potential and the ability to take you there. This is a surefire way for success when you are finally able to assemble the perfect team.

Success takes time. Put in the maximum effort that you can and try to stay consistent in the efforts that you put in. You need to believe in yourself and in other in order to achieve your goals and become a successful person who will then be able to inspire the upcoming generations.

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