63% of Strategic Action Plan Commenced: Shauna

The secretary policy of the President’s Office, Aminath Shauna announced that 63% of the actions contained in the government’s strategic action plan (SAP) for the year 2020, has been commenced with a 24% completion of the plans.

According to Aminath Shauna, the works planned in SAP from the 19 Ministries’ of the government, are ongoing even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, without a break.

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Strategic Action Plan (SAP), is a planning document that includes the government’s policy framework to determine the progress of it during the 5 years of administration. SAP includes the promises of government manifesto, and the works done by the different government institutions to reach the goals.

Strategic Action plan was inaugurated on 2nd October 2019 with 5 categories that branch into 33 areas.

SAP contains:

  • “Noo Igthisoadhu” (Blue Economy) – This category includes the goals of the economy and the plans to achieve those goals
  • “Oagatheri Sarukaaru” (Tender Government) – This category includes the plans which call for improving community standards
  • “Fakhuruveri Aaila” (Proud Family) – This category calls for eradicating inequality.
  • “Jazeera Dhiriulhun” (Easy Life) – This category plans on building the society, and improving the services provided.
  • “Heyo Verikan” (Kind Administration) – This category contains the new laws and ratifications bought for a better administration.

According to Aminath Shauna, 63% of the plans strategized in the SAP has commenced while 24% have been completed. Shauna highlights that the government has been putting efforts into improving the facilities provided to the citizens while working on the infrastructure of the country.

  • “Noo Igthisoadhu” (Blue Economy) – 494 plans. 36% completed, 23% ongoing.
  • “Oagatheri Sarukaaru” (Tender Government) – 734 plans. 15% completed, 51% ongoing.
  • “Fakhuruveri Aaila” (Proud Family) – 416 plans. 24% completed, 40% ongoing.
  • “Jazeera Dhiriulhun” (Easy Life) – 1130 plans. 24% completed, 31% ongoing.
  • “Heyo Verikan” (Kind Administration) – 28% completed, 48% ongoing.

According to the government, one of the main reasons why the SAP is important is because the details of the strategic plans are made available to the authorities and private institutions which assist the government in curving the pathway for the progress of the country.

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