68% People’s Income Halt Due to COVID-19: Research

A research by the Ministry of Economic Development and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) shows that 68% of the people’s income has been halted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The research shows that several families and individuals have been severely impacted by the outbreak of the novel virus along with the different sectors of businesses operating in Maldives, the tourism Industry being the top.

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According to the report, 44% of people have completely lost their means of income, while 24% have been put on no-pay leaves with 32% facing payment reduction. According to the data derived from the Job Center, 68% of the people’s income has been halted and 38% have faced salary reduction due to the pandemic.

As claimed by the report, employers of the tourism industry have faced the greatest number of challenges. It is reported that the employees in the industry receive a salary of 70% less than the original amount.

While this remains as a loss for the industry, the report also shows that youths, along with employees on probation, third-party workers and community vendors’ employment and salary has been extensively affected by the pandemic.

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