7 Gastronomical Delights You Can Indulge In at Lily Beach Resort & Spa

Lily Beach Resort & Spa is lauded as one of the very best all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives, offering guests a chance to experience island luxury like never before. While the resort offers a myriad of fantastic experiences and activities, a notable highlight is definitely its fine dining.

From the versatile main restaurant ‘Lily Maa’, to the chill-out haven ‘Spirit Bar’, there’s a delectable option for whatever you’re in the mood for. Here are 7 gastronomical experiences you can indulge in at Lily Beach, that are bound to blow you (and your tastebuds) away.

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1. Lily Maa

The main, buffet-style restaurant Lily Maa will help you blossom into a true gourmand, understanding that the quality of your Maldives’ experience inevitably spreads through the seduction of your taste buds, too.

A different world cuisine each day of the week to take you to various parts of the world, while still remaining at the one you wouldn’t trade for anything else. Whatever your favourite meal, Lily Maa is an uncontested culinary delight, renowned for its chefs’ feasts throughout the Maldives. Don’t overlook the exclusive selection of 80 premium wines from all four corners of the globe.

2. Tamarind

The sound of the waves splashing gently beneath the deck, the shimmering light of the starry sky and the refreshing scent of the Indian Ocean breeze set the scene for a memorable culinary journey of your senses at the Tamarind.

The elegance of the interior is as tasteful as the dishes themselves. With a prominent chandelier with golden garland décor above the cooking station, the restaurant is polished to perfection. The menu presents a rich palette of flavours and spices blended deliciously in the most popular dishes of Asia, offering a sublime choice of Thai and Indian cuisine. Complement your dinner with hand-picked premium wines from renowned wine cellars all around the world.

3. Teppanyaki

Every evening, the culinary art of teppanyaki takes center stage at the AQVA Bar. Not only will this live cooking station seduce your taste buds with the freshest and top-quality ingredients, but it will also make your dinner an extraordinary experience.  Fresh lobster and the finest Wagu beef complement an extensive menu choice.

Sit around the teppan iron griddle and watch the teppanyaki chefs cook delicious food before your very eyes, topping off their culinary expertise with superb flipping, tossing and juggling flair.

4. Les Turquoise D’Aqua

Embark on a culinary journey, consisting of a five-course degustation menu that derives its quality from a harmonious symphony of fresh produce and mindful preparation. Les Turquoise D’Aqua lets you spend quality time with your significant other in a romantic setting that will make your dream holiday at Lily Beach Resort & Spa a memorable one.

Treat yourself to the fine dining, coupled with exquisite wine that will not only satiate your hunger but provide an all-encompassing experience, best when enjoyed in a moonlit atmosphere in the Maldives.

5. Aqva Bar

The marvelous infinity pool adds allure and represents a hallmark of the AQVA Bar. Soak up the sun and put your mind at ease in the comfortable setting, the beautiful seascape and the overall hospitality that the AQVA Bar offers.

While away a few hours in the shade, sipping on your favourite cocktail and savoring freshly prepared snacks, or let the sun caress your skin while you are reclined on a lounger with a good book and a refreshing soft drink in hand. Lily Beach offers countless opportunities to enjoy the paintings of the sky that come alive every evening at sunset, but the view over the infinity pool at Aqva Bar is truly memorable.

6. Vibes Bar

Vibes Bar with its large deck and two swimming pools offers the perfect location for guests, including families with younger travellers to relax and enjoy quality time together. In addition to the pools, there is a floor fountain feature for hours of entertainment and fun, and an indoor games room with pool/billiard tables and table tennis. A cabana studded beach surrounding Vibes, which is also home to a volleyball court, with regular games held. A wide selection of light bites and refreshments are available throughout the day.

7. The Spirit Bar

With a sand floor, allowing you to have your feet sunk in the soft coral sand even when at the bar, an airy vibe, and a wide selection of beverages, Spirit Bar is a perfect place to unwind and relax after an eventful day, or to stop for a drink during the day.

Seek shade in the tastefully decorated, lounge-like indoor setting, or enjoy the comfort of the outdoor terrace and the breathtaking vistas of the Tiffany blue Indian Ocean right on the bar’s doorstep.

For bookings and more information, visit https://www.lilybeachmaldives.com/

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