7 reasons why RAS HRMS is a must for your organisation

RAS Human Resources Management System is a cloud-based HR and Payroll system specially designed for the Maldivian Market. The word RAS means ‘premier’ in the Maldivian language. RAS HRMS provides a user-friendly interface to track, evaluate and manage the performance, attendance and behaviour of your employees more effectively. The employees are given separate logins to manage their attendance and plan their leave.

Reasons why your business needs RAS HRMS, are as follows:-

1. Cloud-Based
You can say goodbye to mass filing cabinets and you no longer need to worry about your computer functions slowing down from too much data usage.

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2. Go mobile and reach out from anywhere
RAS users can make their attendance, connect with their peers and colleagues and view other employee details in a matter of seconds.

3. Time-Saving
It’s completely true that HR software can save time in many areas of the business. From reduced labour, to more efficient process times and quicker communication between departments (such as HR and Payroll).

4. Notification and Alerts
Clients will able to view and get updates on crucial employee alerts such as Visa, Passport and Insurance Expiry. The dashboard will display these details with timely notifications.

5. Cost Savings
Although the initial outlay of costs to purchase new HR software, install it across the organization and train employees and management on how best to use it may be expensive, it is widely acknowledged that the return on investment is far greater from the amount of time saved, errors reduced and new business and staff acquired.

6. Simplify People Management
RAS is an intuitive solution that can grow and scale along with the business regardless of the location. It would help to keep the business legal and compliant while their clients can keep focusing on the growth of the business. Employees can add their personal details and educational background as well as previous work experience they would like to disclose.

7. High Security
A highly important reason for using HR software over spreadsheets or paper-based systems, having a centralized location for personal data that is encrypted and has customized permission levels means your personal data is more secure from getting into the wrong hands, saving your business from tribunal claims and damage to your business reputation.

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