8 Unrealistic Expectations That Will Ruin You

Your expectations, define and determine your reality more than anything else in your life. 

Recent research shows that people who believe in themselves use more metacognitive functions are more likely to succeed. This means they use more brainpower to solve problems and this is necessary for achievement. 

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1. Life should be fair.
The phrase ‘life isn’t fair’ is something we have either told someone or heard from a million people. Instead of waiting around for things to fall into place, we need to go out and make things happen.

2. Opportunities will fall into my lap.
One of the most important things a person can do is to seek out opportunities. Just because you believe you deserve something does not mean you will get it. You have to work hard for it to happen.

3. Everyone should like me.
Instead of expecting people will like you, focus on earning their trust and respect.

4. People should agree with me.
Everyone is right in their own accord when it comes to opinions. Rather making someone believe your side of the story, focus on finding solutions that give everyone what they need.

5. People know what I’m trying to say.
Explain and identify the things you want to be done. Communication goes a long way and can help you understand the other person’s perspective better.

6. I’m going to fail.
With this mindset, people are more likely to limit the chances of them succeeding. If you want to pursue an endeavor, believe that you can do it.

7. Things will make me happy.
Things can make life more fun and comfortable in the short run, but they can’t make you happy in the long run. Focus on the real sources of your unhappiness and work on fixing it.

8. You can change him/her.
Let go of the belief that you can change someone. It all depends on the person and their desire to make it happen. Instead, build your life around genuine and positive people who bring you up.

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