A Different Ramadan For Maldivians

Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims, in which Muslims around the globe fast during daylight hours. Maldives is a Muslim country and practicing Ramadan since 1153 AD.

Ramadan is a special month for Maldivians that brings rituals and traditions.

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But with strict lockdown and physical distancing orders enforced to limit the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19 disease, many of Ramadan’s rituals and traditions will be condensed this year.

This year’s ramadan could be the very first Ramadan in the recent history that Maldivian’s experiencing under a total lockdown.

Corporate Maldives team looked in to the things Maldivians will do different during this year’s Ramadan.

  • No Maahefun gatherings

Maahefun is a special celebration marking the beginning of Ramadan, where Maldivians celebrate the taking of their last meal before beginning of the Ramadan. Across the country, Maahefun is celebrated before fasting begins by gathering friends and family, enjoying traditional Maldivian foods such as Aveli, maskaashi, Bodibayi etc.. There were no Maahefun gatherings to celebrate this year’s Ramadan due to COVID-19.

  • Praying at Home

Muslims pray five times a day, which is performed at mosque. In order to amid the spreading of COVID-19 mosques are closed and it’s advice to pray at home. Maldivians usually give more importance to daily prayers and other prayers during ramadan. Those who are not practicing daily prayers used to go mosque to perform prayers and mosques will get full house during ramadan. However, in this years Ramadan, daily prayers and other prayers can only be performed at home.

  • Afternoon ride ( Fini buru)

Afternoon ride by motorbike or car is common activity Maldivians do during Ramdan. Some people call it a “Finiburu” or “Roadha kurukuran Dhuvaalun”. Usually men involve in these rides with group of friends and family members while women enjoy preparing foods for ramadan breakfast. These rides start after Asru prayer and ride continues till ramadan breakfast time (Magrib prayer). Unfortunately, this year we are unable to enjoy finiburu due to current lockdown.  

  • Breakfasting gatherings

Weeks before ramadan, restaurants and cafés are flooded with reservations for family and friends ramadan breakfasts. Moreover, Ramadan breakfast invitations to friends and family is a common culture among Maldivians during Ramadan.

However this year, everyone is at home lockdown and cannot invite friends and family to home and restaurants for those roadha veeluns.

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