A Diplomacy talk meeting has been held in the Maldives

With a purpose of empowering the youth of the Maldives in the social sector, a diplomacy talk has been held in the Maldives. It was held in Hotel Jen on the 23rd of November and was inaugurated by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr Ahmed Mahloof.

The main discussion was regarding what the youth can do to aid in the achievement of the goals set by the United Nations for the year 2030 and to face the challenges they come across while achieving them.

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The panel of discussion included a total of 6 people. Namely, Moosa Waseem, UNAP representative Shadhiya Moosa, MP of Kendhoo Ali Hussain, a lecturer of MUN Mariyam Waheeda, President of the youth fragment of MDP Meekail Naseem and Community Engagement Manager of Soneyva Fushi Hadhee Hamid. The former Foreign Minister, Dunya Maumoon also spoke at this discussion. 

This is the first time the diplomacy talk series was held in the Maldives. In the future, there are plans to hold more of this talk series. 

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