A Lounge of Tourism Ministry to be introduced in Velana International Aiport

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed states a lounge of tourism ministry will be Introduced in the National Airport, Velana International Aiport as soon as the borders are opened.

In a news conference held on the 24th of June, Minister Ali Waheed stated, all the authorities are preparing for any situation that shall be facing in the future. One of the preparation is introducing a lounge of Tourism Ministry in the airport, from where the ministry looks forward to solving some of the Tourism related affairs.

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According to Minister Ali Waheed, the aim of this lounge is to execute Inter-Agency Collaborations directly from the Airport.

Amid Covid-19 pandemic, there had been sudden shutdowns which denied tourist transportation from the Maldives to respective Countries. This issue had also been solved with the help of the Industry, stated Tourism Minister, Ali Waheed.

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