Scuba Dive World Record Event to be Held in the Maldives — Aimed Towards Special Needs Individuals

Targeted towards Special Needs Individuals throughout the globe, “Conquer Land Air Water Global Adventures LLP” (C.L.A.W) who has begun works to break 3 different world records, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work in partnership with Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC).

Under the brand name of “Operation Blue Freedom” was launched in 2019 by team CLAW — a team of People with Special Needs and Indian Special Forces veterans, set upon a global mission to shatter the common perception of pity, charity and inability associated with ‘People with Disabilities’ and recreated it to one of dignity, freedom and ability.

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The Triple World Record in 3 different Countries:

  • Largest team of People with Special Needs to climb the world’s highest mountain — India
  • Largest team of People with Special Needs to Sky Dive — Dubai
  • World’s largest Scuba Occupational Therapy and Skill Training program for the People with Special Needs — Maldives

People with Special Needs will be trained in Sky Diving, Scuba Diving & Mountaineering by the former Special Forces instructors and civilian volunteers.

The program is aimed at perception change globally, by focusing on the abilities of people with Special Needs, rather than on their disabilities.

CLAW has scheduled the Scuba Diving event to be held in the Maldives in February or March of the year 2021.

A team from CLAW visited the Maldives, and commenced meetings and negotiations with the relevant stakeholders regarding this event.

During the visit, CLAW has had the opportunity to meet with the Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, Honorable Mr. Ahmed Mahloof. In addition to this, they have also had separate meetings with the respective senior officials of the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services, High Commission of India in the Maldives, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and Divers Association of Maldives as well. All of the stakeholders conveyed their sincere appreciation to CLAW for choosing Maldives to hold the Scuba Diving segment of the event, and guaranteed to provide their ultimate support for the event as well.

While Covid-19 outbreak has severely disrupted the global economy, also severely affecting the tourism Industry of the Maldives which is the main pillar of deriving GDP for the country, an international event of this scale facilitates the opportunity to showcase the natural beauty and exquisite marine life of the Maldives, while also showing billions of people in the world that Maldives provides a soothing and peaceful environment for Special Needs Individuals to spend their holiday as well.

“Special Needs Individuals, just like normal people, wish to engage in different types of activities and experiences too. However, due to a variety of obstacles, it is difficult for them to get such opportunities. And many refuse due to fear. Our organization CLAW’s goal is to put an end to such obstacles for Special Needs Individuals, help them overcome their fear and partake in adventurous events, and create the opportunity for them too to experience the natural beauty of the world. The decision of holding the Scuba Diving segment in the Maldives has been greeted with the warmest welcome by the country. The Government SOE, MITDC has established an MOU to actively partner with us in this event, which is an incredible support and assistance for the team at CLAW. For this, I convey my utmost gratitude to the wonderful residents and Government of the Maldives.” – Founder of CLAW, Major (Ret) Vivek Jacob (Retired Special Forces)

“This is a fantastic addition to the successfully progressing tourism industry of the Maldives. As we celebrate the 49th Anniversary of the Maldivian tourism industry, holding events as such is a crucial step towards further growth. In order to recover from the immense damages caused by Covid-19, our entire tourism industry needs great support. Finding different ways to diversify the tourism industry has become obligatory. In addition to aiding the tourism industry, this event by CLAW is a sacred and humble step towards helping Special Needs Individuals as well. This would cause change in the overall outlook of the Maldivian Tourism Industry, earning respect in the face of the entire world.” — Managing Director of MITDC, Mr. Mohamed Raaidh

This Scuba Dive World Record Event organized to be held in the Maldives would have Special Needs participants travel to the Maldives across the globe, along with their Training Instructors and Supporters. Additionally, the event is open for participation from as many Maldivians as possible.

With the MOU signed between CLAW and MITDC, special activities will commence in the days to follow, in order to ensure a successful Scuba Dive World Record event.

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