A Solution to Youth Unemployment? Economic Ministry and Youth Ministry to Form Joint Committee

An MoU has been signed yesterday between the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Community Development, to form a joint committee for youth economic empowerment. It aims to undertake tasks in line with the Strategic Action Plan (SAP) of the current administration with regards to youth-related economic issues.

The MoU was signed by the respective Ministers, Fayyaz Ismail and Ahmed Mahloof. According to the MoU, a joint committee is to be formed which would consist of members of both Ministries.

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The committee will be carrying out tasks such as:

  • Surveys to determine the issues faced by the youth residing in atolls and populous parts of the country
  • Formulation of action plans to solve issues of youth unemployment
  • Activities to promote employment and entrepreneurship among youth
  • Improving accessibility of Job Center services for vulnerable female and male youth, in association with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Higher Education of Maldives
  • Establishment of a system to economically empower youth by repurposing youth centers

According to the agreement, issues hindering the development of the country’s youth will be addressed with the Ministry of Economic Development, and that Ministries will be exchanging assistance in achieving the goals of the government.

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