A Study Show 26% of Women Lost Jobs: COVID-19

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has published statistics that reveal, more than 26 percent of women working in the private sector had lost their jobs and methods of earning due to the pandemic.

A study that has been conducted by NBC in collaboration with United Nations Women reveals that numerous women who lost their employment due to COVID-19 are struggling in paying the rent of the living space and in handling other daily expenses. The study has also made a note of women having to remain at home due to lack of employment after lockdown, as a problematic issue.

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The study further concludes that women spent a major part of their time during the lockdown on cooking and home chores. While 30 percent of the women spent their time cooking, 26 percent were occupied with cleaning and other household chores. The study also reveals that young girls spent their leisure time after completing school tasks on helping their family members with the works.

In addition to this, women have also faced challenges in acquiring medical care and assistance due to the lockdown imposed as a precautionary measure against COVID-19. The study further publicizes that 71 percent of women had trouble receiving medical treatment and obtaining hygiene products. 61 percent of women suffered physical and mental health issues due to the lockdown.

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