A Surge in Demand for UV Airplane Cleaner Amid COVID-19

Dimer UCV Innovations introduced a UV-C emitting cleaning machine called GermFalcon for the airline industry. With the spread of COVID-19 globally the demand for GermFalcon has risen significantly as many airlines use this innovation to decontaminating airplanes.

Elliot Kreitenberg, president and co-founder of Dimer UCV Innovations, has said that the use of machines had been offered to the airline industry for free during the pandemic.

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In addition to that, he noted that they are building units as quickly as they can to meet up with the demand. He has also highlighted that GermFalcon can clean a typical narrow-body aircraft in three minutes.

CHEO Research Institute in Canada has looked at using UV-C to disinfect personal protective equipment such as N95 masks, but not surfaces. However, the University of California Santa Barbara, Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd has reported 99% sterilization of coronavirus in 30 seconds on surfaces.

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