A Unique Street Food Joint in Male’ City – Comfood

Comfood began as a coffee place for friends to hang out but has now evolved into a social hub which provides good food and great services. The small, streetfood-based takeaway outlet caught the eyes of many on social media for their unique networking and interactions with customers.

Comfood’s marketing mainly depends on good word of mouth on social media through stories shared by their happy customers. The homely ambiance and the friendly vibe has become a huge hit with regulars, which complements their signature “comfort food” which it is named after. The regulars are more than customers, they are friends and even family now. It is even a common sight to see some of the patrons cleaning the dishes or handling the cash register behind the counter. 

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“It’s a place for friends to hang out, and they practically own it,” the owner, Ahmed Abdul Azeez – known to regulars as “Kevin” – said. “Friends do all the work, selling the products and even the marketing.”

Comfood is not only known for their networking but also for the food.

Comfood aspires to ensure their food is worth the price, and has produced their own innovative and unique style of food based on favorite local recipes. Some of their most favorite dishes include Boava Roll (Octopus Roll), Beef Roll, and Thai Chicken Stick. They are also known for their Cream Jehi Banas (Cream Bun) and Mango Passion drink, which has gained rave reviews on social media.

“One of our biggest aims is to avoid single-use plastics altogether,” Kevin said. “That will happen as soon as I get all the necessary materials and resources required.”

Comfood is more than the comfort food they provide. It is a place where strangers become friends; a place where stories are shared and everyone has a good time while enjoying great food and conversation. Watch their stories and become part of the family by following Comfood.mv Comfood.mvon Instagram.

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