ACC Launches Probe into Fushidhiggaru Reclamation Project

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has initiated an investigation into the Fushidhiggaru reclamation project. This project, part of the government’s ambitious housing policy, has come under scrutiny due to allegations of procedural irregularities.

ACC confirmed to the media that a case concerning the project has been officially submitted for examination. The core issue revolves around the initiation of the project without a formal bidding process and its exclusion from the allocated budget.

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A complaint was lodged with the ACC, leading to the current investigation. The Finance Ministry had earmarked MVR 400 million for the reclamation of the Fushidhiggaru lagoon, which is integral to the project. However, the Parliament’s Budget Committee cut the funds designated for this purpose in the upcoming budget.

Spanning 1,153 hectares, the project, as stated by President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, is slated for completion within eight months. Muizzu emphasized that the project is a critical step towards resolving the city’s housing crisis. President announced plans to transform the lagoon into a zero-carbon city named Ras Male, part of the broader vision to establish a “Maldives Eco City”. Muizzu assured that the city’s development would rely exclusively on renewable energy sources.

The execution of this massive undertaking has been entrusted to Sri Lanka’s Capital Marine and Civil Construction Company (CMCC). As the ACC investigation unfolds, the future of this project hangs in the balance, with implications for the government’s housing policy and environmental stewardship.

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