Addu City exhibits craftsmanship to SATA 2017 participants


The folks of the southernmost city in Maldives, Addu City, showcased their craftsmanship and creativity during a festival held on the occasion of SATA 2017. This small exhibition was organised by Women’s Development Committee of Addu City in order to sell and promote products made by people of the city.

Held on the 27th of October, this event saw participation from a lot of visitors, both attendees of SATA 2017 and people from within the city itself.

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Variety of goods were on display in the exhibition especially Maldivian products such as Addu bondi, bondibaiy, short eats, dried yam and breadfruit chips, smoked fish, palm leaf arts and woodworks. The participants of the awards also got the opportunity to enjoy traditional music and dance performed by the people.

With the organisers and stall exhibitors wearing traditional attire and decorations made of palm leaves, the exhibition looked nothing less than a true Maldivian celebration.

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