Addu City Signs USD 350 Million Cruise and Marina Development Project

The Addu City Council has signed with International Chain Maldives Private Limited (ICMPL) to lease land for the development and operation of a Cruise Terminal and Yacht Marina in Addu City, Feydhoo.

This arrangement facilitates the development and operation of a Cruise Terminal and Yacht Marina alongside constructing a 150-room tourist hotel.

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As part of the land-use plan for Addu, a designated area near the causeway connecting Gan and Feydhoo has been allocated for the yacht marina. Alongside these developments, the site of the former football ground in Feydhoo will house the 150-room tourist hotel.

Addu City’s Mayor, Ali Nizar, shared that the project is scheduled for completion within two years, with an estimated cost of USD 350 million. He highlighted the expected economic benefits that the project will bring to Addu.

Concurrently, the Gan International Airport (GIA) Development Project is underway, aiming to enhance tourism in Addu and the southernmost atolls. This project encompasses the expansion of the GIA passenger terminal to accommodate 1.5 million passengers, as well as the construction of a new domestic airport, control tower, and fire station. It also includes upgrades to the existing airport, duty-free shops, and restaurants. The entire project is set to be completed within the next two years to establish a central hub connecting the southern atolls with global destinations.

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