ADK Helps a Family in Need in Recent Advertisement

The ADK team with the family and other senior officials of Laamu Hithadoo

ADK General Trading has recently publicized an advertisement showing them helping a family in need from Laamu Hithadhoo as part of their CSR Event 2019.

The 8:20 minutes long video starts off with showing the family’s current living conditions. Viewers are shown a run-down house with no furniture and clothes hanging all around the room. A single mattress laid on the ground is the space where the family of 6 sleeps at night. The house does not even have a bathroom, forcing the family to use the beach as a makeshift toilet.

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In the latter part of the video, as the best gesture possible for the poor family, ADK staff are seen to bring materials to build houses. They work hard, even during Ramadan and construct a better quality house for the family. After construction, the staff brought in furniture and organized it.

“Taking up a task like this during Ramadan was a really difficult challenge,” said Mr. Adam Shamoon, Marketing Executive of ADK. “However, the spirit shown by the team was really inspiring.”

When the video ends, the family enters their new house, their faces glimmering with happiness and hope. The child who previously quit school due to bullying was taken back to school. The family had been given a new standard of living by ADK.

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