ADK Hospital Celebrates 34 Years of Service

ADK Hospital has today marked its 34th year of successful service.

ADK Hospital is dedicated to providing quality heathcare for the community, promoting wellness and restoring health for patients as swiftly, safely and humanely as it can be done, consistent with the highest level of service.

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The story of ADK Hospital began in 1987, with a small clinic registered under the name of Mediclinic. It opened its doors in Male’ with a great aspiration to succeed, and to be the best in the business. This marked the beginning of the ADK Group of Companies. Although the clinic was small, the commitment of the Group’s founders Mr. Ahmed Nashid and Late Mr. Hassan Ibrahim, and the dedication of the clinic’s first doctor, Dr. R.J.C Pandian, made it one of the most sought-after health care services in Male’. During the five years that followed, the services of the clinic were expanded and improved to meet the demand of the clinics’ clients. In 1992 the service was named ADK Medical Center.

In 1996 the Group realized its most-important single development; the opening of ADK Hospital in Male’, the first private hospital in the Maldives which brought about a monumental change to the future direction of the Group. The ADK Hospital revolutionized healthcare and medical services in the country by setting standards in the sector, and by complementing the public health service and government hospital.

Now, ADK Hospital is a leading healthcare provider in the country, constantly challenging the status quo through innovation and excellence.

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