Administration Aims to Ensure Inclusive Education on Every Atoll and Island: President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated on Friday that his administration aims to ensure inclusive education for all children in every atoll and island. He made these remarks while speaking at the golden jubilee function of Feydhoo School in Addu City.

Speaking on the history of Feydhoo School, President Solih announced that the administration would soon launch the project to develop a new school building. Stating that the administration introduced higher secondary education in all atolls last year, the President described it as a historical achievement in education sector development. The administration introduced higher secondary education in Vaavu Atoll in 2022.

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The President also spoke about the administration’s efforts to educate children and develop human resources across the country. He emphasised the success of the administration’s free degree programme, the reduction of administrative fees for student loans and extending student loan repayment duration by 25 per cent.

President Solih also spoke about the administration’s significant strides in the education sector’s progress. He said the administration started implementing the country’s first-ever Education Act in 2021 and introduced a satellite school system. He added that the administration ensured substantial pay raises for education sector staff, introduced special duty allowances and facilitated training programmes for teachers and principals.

At the function, the President gave away plaques of appreciation to the school staff who had served for over 15 years.

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