Administration committed to ending corruption and wrongful gains – Vice President

Vice President Faisal Naseem has reasserted the Administration’s commitment to root out corruption and unlawful gains. He made the remarks speaking at the opening ceremony of the ‘Engineering Symposium 2019’ organized by FENAKA Corporation Limited.

Recalling the citizens’ hopes and dreams in electing this Administration, the Vice President affirmed that the Administration would deliver on its promise to say no to corruption and attainment of undue advantages. Stating that it was the duty of all the institutions of the Government to ensure that these hopes are realized, the Vice President urged everyone in the service sector to do their part to stop all wrongful acts and be more efficient and productive.

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Highlighting the Administration’s duty towards impartiality, the Vice President affirmed that it would ensure that no island or community is neglected, regardless of its population. In this regard, he urged the management and staff of FENAKA Corporation to stand steadfast in serving the people to the best of their abilities.

Speaking further, the Vice President noted the importance of embracing technological advancements—especially renewable energy sources—and seeking out ways to cut costs and provide affordable services to the public. In this respect, the Vice President also reminded the public to ‘switch off when not in use’ to minimize electricity wastage and urged parents to instill such habits in their children.

Emphasizing the role of FENAKA Corporation, especially in improving its services over the past year, the Vice President noted that the efforts had seen the installation of 60 new generator sets in some of the most critical sectors.

The Vice President highlighted the significance of such events as a means to discuss ways to address the challenges in providing better services to the public. He further said it was an honor to meet with the team of FENAKA Corporation, who is serving an instrumental role in providing electricity services across the country.

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