Administration resolved in the fight against corruption – President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has reassured the Administration is determined to continue its fight against corruption. He made the statement in his message on the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day marked on 9th December.

Articulating corruption as a scourge that undermines social and economic development, President Solih said prevention and prohibition of corruption is key to ensuring stability and growth and enforcing equal and fair justice for all. Stating that lack of integrity and corruption obstructs society from reaping the full benefits of precious resources, the President stated that rooting out corruption is paramount for national development.

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Reaffirming the Administration’s commitment to prevent and prohibit corruption, President Solih cited the ‘Zero Tolerance to Corruption’ policy as a testament to the fact. To this end, he highlighted that his Administration initiated the declaration of assets of all political appointees and board members of State Companies as part of its first 100 day pledges.

President Solih further noted that the Protection of Whistle-blowers Act, recently signed into law, ensures the safety of people who proactively report and expose malfeasance and wrongdoing within the State and government. He also noted the establishment of the Corruption Reporting Portal, which allows for the anonymous reporting cases of corruption or malpractice in the public sector.

Assuring the Administration would not tolerate any form of corruption, the President said the Administration would submit a bill to Parliament seeking criminalization of corruption, acceptance of bribery and attainment or facilitation of any form of undue advantage.

Citing that the fight against corruption begins with oneself, the President urged for the contribution of all in this endeavor. To this end, he said it was inaction that allows for the culture of corruption, despite the number of laws, regulations and investigative bodies that seek to root out the menace.

President Solih further urged everyone to embrace integrity, honesty and loyalty and not delay the reporting of any cases of corruption or wrongdoing by any employee in public office. He concluded his message with a prayer to Allah to bless all Maldivians with the strength to say no to corruption and fight against the heinous crime.

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